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Problem with Brown spots on the Lawn and a cure.

In one of my recent columns, I included a question from a reader who was having problems with brown spots on his lawn, apparently caused by urine from his pet dogs. In response, I received an e-mail from reader Linda Biggs who wrote:

"A few years ago the 'Rebecca's Garden' television program suggested adding two to three tablespoons of tomato juice to your dog's food at every meal to avoid spotted lawns. The acid in the tomato juice counteracts the dog's urine, resulting in no grass discoloration. I can testify the tomato juice additive works on a Lab and German Shepard, and they like the flavor. The Campbell's brand of tomato juice features a low sodium version."

Thanks for the tip, Linda. Maybe that will help. However, I have to say that I have personally tried different treatments for the "doggy lawn" problem but none seem to work!

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