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Gardening 101

Caring for and Planting a Balled in Burlap Christmas Tree
Tis the season when lots of people drag a real tree into their house and decorate it. Some people buy live trees that are balled in burlap instead of a cut tree.

How to ball and burlap dig plants
In order to create this page I had to talk my buddy Larry into letting me dig one of his dogwoods for him. That wasn't hard to do! Especially since I was willing to pay for the tree so I could give it to my son for his new house.

Japanese Red Maple & Trees
Without a doubt, Japanese Maple Red Maple Trees are by far, one of the most popular ornamental plants in the plant kingdom. People absolutely love them, and for good reason. They are beautiful!

Burning Bush propogation & care
There are a number of different varieties of Burning Bush, but for the most part they fall into two distinct categories. The older variety (euonymus alata) is often called "Winged Euonymus" or "Winged Burning Bush".

Boxwood propogation & care
Boxwood, known as Buxus in botanical terms, are excellent landscape plants.

Crimson Pygmy Barberry
Crimson Pygmy Barberry (berberis thunbergii autropurpurea nana) is a great, low maintenance landscape plant. The beautiful red leaves turn a deep burgundy by fall.

Azalea propogation & care
Azalea is a difficult plant to explain. A member of the Rhododendron family, this diverse group of plants could make up an entire website of their own.

Arborvitae propogation & Care
Arborvitae (Thuja) is probably one of the most popular landscape plants being used and sold today.

Composting made easy
Having an ample supply of good rich compost is the gardeners dream. It has many uses, and all of those uses will result in nicer plants.

Gardening for LazyBones Part One
If you like to work hard, sweat, grunt, and hurt, read no farther. Seek counseling instead.

Gardening for Lazy Bones Part Two
I was busy finishing my outdoor chores and winterizing my cars. Get ready for Wonderful Winter, folks.

Gardening for LazyBones Part Three
Take a deep breath, stretch, and slowly bow in front of a mirror.

Gardening for LazyBones Part Four
The phone’s ringing off the counter, the e-mails are coming in like rain, and now both my friends won’t speak to me.

How to Build a Simple Potting Bench
The potting bench that you are about to read about is not fancy, but very functional. It is also very easy to build and use.

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