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Poison Ivy
Poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) is a woody, perennial vine or shrub that can be found in fields, pastures, woodlands, farms and home landscapes.

Plotting Sun Angles
The best (i.e. laziest) way to plot the angle of the sun at any time of the year is to buy a sun chart like Robert Bennett’s, Sun Angles for Design.

Transplanting Tips
Early spring is a great time for transplanting trees and shrubs, but you must do so before they wake up. Transplanting a plant is a very traumatic experience for the plant if it is awake.

Fertilizing to Create more Blossoms on Your Flowers, Flowering Shrubs, and Trees
The secret to making your flowering trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials bloom more is in the numbers. All fertilizers have analysis numbers on the package. These numbers represent the percentage of each chemical the product contains.

The right way to water a House Plant
Are you confused about watering your houseplants? Many people consider it a simple matter, watering their plants whenever they think of it.

Cucumber time in the Garden
Cucumbers, although available year round in the stores nowadays, are most plentiful during the summer months when many folks are raising them in their gardens.

Winter is the best time for tree pruning
There are two kinds of winter gardening. The first method usually starts in January as the gardening catalogs begin to arrive in the mail.

Where have the garden flowers gone?
Gardeners in Minnesota have reported uneven fruit set in some garden crops. Peppers, tomatoes and squash are common problem plants. It appears the spike in summer's heat may have been the reason.

Disease resistant plants
This year, the Perennial Plant Association has declared that Phlox cv. 'David' to be the 2002 perennial plant of the year.

Plant Raspberries for a great home treat
Our slow, cool spring means there's plenty of time to plant trees and shrubs in your landscape.

Flavorful Fungi
Different sizes and ages of mushroomsensure several harvests from a single box!

Pruning Weeping Cherry Trees and other Grafted and Budded Plants
What do the terms grafting and budding mean?

Easy Fall Propagation Techniques
As a home gardener, fall should be a very special time for you. Fall is the best season of the year for plant propagation, especially for home gardeners who do not have the luxury of intermittent mist.

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