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Jim Thompson on Catalpa Worms.

Steve, I raise worms. I have 38 trees. the stumps of the trees are knee to waist high, 3 to 10 inches diameter. Every winter I remove what growth there was that year. The new sprouts can get up to 30 feet high. The Catalpa Spinx Moth comes out of the ground in early spring. It layes eggs on the leaves [ about a 1000 ] and flys away. The eggs hatch, the catapillars grow to about 3 inches long. They go down the tree, into the ground, spend time as a pupal, and come back as a moth. Here in North Mississippi we can have 2, 3 and some years 4 genarations of worms. With the last over wintering in the ground. They can get these little white eggs on them, which are the eggs of the black wasp. These worms must be killed, or you'll have more wasp. Ants can kill the worms, but you can't use incesticides. So you have to burn out any nest you find. Some birds can strip the trees of worms. Place some purple martin houses near the orchird, they don't like the presents of other birds around their young, and they don't eat the worms. Light tillage, while the worms are about half grown, twice a year. Add a little top soil or potting soil, and things should work for you too.

Thank you for you insight Jim. Steve

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