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Can I divide mums?

I was given a potted mum last fall. After blooming,I planted it in my flower bed and pruned it back to the ground. It came back this year and is starting to bloom. It is over 3 1/2 feet in diameter!! Can I divide it and if so how.

Hi Please excuse what I am going to say next. A few years ago my wife and I purchased some fall Mums. They grew very well, and I did the same to Mine as you had done to yours. We ended up calling them "the mums from hell". There were so large and overpowering in the Landscape I eventually got rid of them. However, if you want the same thing all over your Yard, I would say yes they can be divided. In a couple of years when this happens send me a Picture by email and I will put it on the site. Kind regards Steve Jones