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The White Spruce seedling from my employer.

My husband has received a white spruce seedling tree from his employer.

We live in Rochester NY. My question to you is should we plant this seedling outside or keep in housebound. We have planted it in a flower pot which I am keeping outside right now, since it is still pleasant.

If we plant it outside, should we somehow protect it from our fierce winter winds and snow(if we get any this year) I am sure you know that our temperatures can hit below zero and a good snowstorm could cover this seedling with absolutely no trouble.

This baby tree is about 6-8 inches tall. My husbands employer gave their whole staff this seedling as a rememberance of Sept 11th., so I am sure you can understand its importance to us.

Any advice you can provide to us is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Lucille Leiske


It will need to planted in regular soil. It is not a house plant and will die if kept indoors. The winters should not affect the plant because a spruce grows naturally in your area. I understand your concern, but it is a small plant and it will have to do the best it can.

Plant it like you would any other, water it in to seal it and let it go.

Kind regards

Steve jones

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