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My wife handed me your article

It is weird that I am writing you. I came home last with with a bag full of black walnut seeds from my uncle's farm. My wife handed me your article on proper care for black walnut trees today. My intention is to plant some in my yard, and use the rest for dyeing. Anyway, your article seemed to be concerned with sapling trees, but what about growing them from the seed? Should I just dig a hole and plant, or should pot it for the time being? I live in Columbus, OH, on former farmland, so the soil basically sucks. Lots of stone, and I imagine alot of clay. Any tips for seedling growing? On another note, I have a red oak sapling that is bent from the top being too heavy. The small trunk is sort of an "s" shape. I have it staked with a shepard's crook, but I'm afraid that removing it will just destroy it. Again, any thoughts? Thanks for your time.

Charlie Higley

Hi Your walnuts can be planted in the soil right now. Leave them in the hull and plant to cover about one-inch deep. The red oak does sound top heavy. Try pruning some of the branches and out growth to take away some of the weight. Kind regards

Steve Jones

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