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A Concerned Instructor In Washington.

Great job again, Steve,

I am setting up courses exactly for this purpose, Name Your Neighbors. Kids spend so much time indoors, these days, that I'm afraid they wouldn't know a dandelion from salsify. I've seen kids walk right into a patch of stinging nettle! Ouch!

One thing I question, however, is your recommendation to grow mushrooms. This is one organism I'd rather let kids think only grows safely on grocery shelves. Maybe I'm overly cautious, but kids do silly things sometimes; that's why they're kids. I'd hate to see one of these little guys think he recognizes a safe mushroom in the field and pick a death angel, instead.

In my course, I will stress adult supervision and the potential danger (as well as benefits) of plants. When students can spell and pronounce mycology, then they are ready for serious study of shrooms. Do you think I'm too anxious? I've never set up an entire course like this before, so I'd be grateful for your thoughts. If you decide to print this, just say, A Concerned Instructor In Washington.


Spokane, WA



Thanks so much for the compliment. I’m very interested in helping you with your project at any capacity that I am able. Just let me know where I can be of service.

As far as the mushrooms are concerned, I was writing about a Shiitake Mushroom Kit that is perfectly harmless and produces delicious mushroom.

Again thanks for commenting on the column.

Kind regards

Steve Jones

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