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Getting rid of standing water in your yard.
Do you have one or more areas in your yard that hold water after a rainfall? This is a common problem, and sometimes difficult to solve.

Groundcover can solve problem of sloping clay yard
"I have a problem with a side yard. The ground is red clay that currently has no vegetation on it except weeds. The yard is a rather steep slope. We tried to grow grass for a few years but due to the slope it was very difficult mowing the area..."

Having trouble with Dogwood
Steve, the year before I put a circle of landscape bricks around my dogwood tree. I put in some flowers and top soil.

Help my tree is drowning!
We bought a forest pansy redbud tree on April 25. We planted it in our front yard where we could enjoy it and where also others could see and enjoy it.

Help your lawn breathe during the dog days.
It's time to catch up on answering some of the questions you've been e-mailing to me recently. But first... the hot, dry weather that many of us are "enjoying" right now can be a tough time for our lawns. So here are a few brief reminders of how to..

Help your lawn breathe: organic or mechanical treatment?
Investing a little “sweat equity” right now will pay dividends next spring in the form of a greener, healthier lawn!

Help! a sap sucker is attacking my Birch trees!
Steve help! a sap sucker is attacking my Birch trees. Any suggestions?

Help! I have a water problem.
Help! My neighbor's house sits on higher ground than mine. When it rains heavily, water accumulates on the side of my house due to the downward slope and my house floods

Help! My dogwood is drowning!
Several readers have asked for help this week, so let's go straight to the e-mail bag...

Hey kid! Where are my baby trees?!
It seems impossible, but here we are, about to start a brand new year! Spring planting is just around the corner, even if it feels like the middle of a bleak midwinter when you read these words. As you begin to put the Holidays behind you,...

Hide eyesore foundations with eye-pleasing plants!
Does this sound familiar? You find a home that seems ideal for you and your family. Great location. Attractive design. Nice sized lot. In fact it would be perfect if it were not for just one little thing that seems to attract your eye like...

Horrors! Gardens invaded by worms and snakes!
It seems that several readers have found that their landscape is being invaded by crawly things, from the quite tiny (but voracious) to the larger, reptilian variety! This first one sounds a bit like a sci-fi horror movie...

How can I improve the structure of my vegetable soil?
I believe it is a problem because the soil clumps and seedlings fail to thrive.

How do I get rid of Deer Flies?
How can I get rid of "Yellow Flies" (Deer flies)? I am extremely allergic to their bite and cannot tend to my garden because they immediately attack.

How To Keep The Gobi Desert Away From YOUR Land
So what's the connection between the Gobi Desert and your piece of the Good Earth? The answer: Soil, and the vegetation that keeps it stable.

How to Make a Weed Dabber
The tool that I am going to tell you about is for using herbicides such as RoundUp.

hydrangea flowering-not
my hydrangea plant is healthy but has only put out 1 flower in last 4 years.

I need some help with my landscaping problems.
I have a new home that is one year old. I have had a terrible time getting my shrubs in front of my house to live.

I think it might be a worm??
Please help!!! I have no idea what I just found on my bush outside..

Is there an easy way to remove st. augustine grass
I just bought my 1st house on 1/2 acre - is there an easy way to remove st. augustine grass around trees to make tree rings? I applied Round-up and am trying to pull out by hand but...

Japanese Beetles
Can japanese beetles kill an otherwise healthy tree?

Japanese Beetles can devestate your greenscape
Many Japanese imports - from cars and trucks to electronics and video games - have helped to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. But there's one import that gardeners and landscapers wish had stayed at home: The Japanese Beetle.

Jim Thompson on Catalpa Worms.
Steve, I raise worms. I have 38 trees. the stumps of the trees are knee to waist high, 3 to 10 inches diameter. Every winter I remove what growth there was that year. The new sprouts can get up to 30 feet high. The Catalpa Spinx Moth comes out...

Just not enough blossoming..
I have 12' bradford pear and it only gets a few blossom on it each year.What can I do to get more?

Keep deer and rabbits away from your tender plants
My family and I all love wildlife. It’s a pleasure to take our coffee out on the back deck in the morning and sip quietly as we watch deer (and sometimes more exotic creatures) while they forage.

Keeping deer away from your plants
So what can you do if you want to make your property "deerproof"?

Kwanzan Cherry Tree isn't blooming
I have a Kwanzan cherry tree that I planted about 2 years ago. Over the last couple of years I have noticed that the tree is flowering less each year.

Lawn brown spots cured with... tomato juice?
In one of my recent columns, I included a question from a reader who was having problems with brown spots on his lawn, apparently caused by urine from his pet dogs. In response, I received an e-mail from...

Lawn drainage problems – and plants that love shade
It's always a pleasure when one of these "Plant Man" columns generates a flurry of e-mailed comments and questions from readers! That was the case with two recent columns about creating a "shade garden" area in your landscape. I received...

Lawns take a "heat beating" in the summer
Summer is the season when you and your family look forward to relaxing on the lawn. Whether you're playing catch with the kids, working on your tan or simply strolling around barefoot, there's something special about the feel of lush...

Leaf spot on Oak trees from one of our readers.
QUESTION: "For the past three years, I have had a terrible problem with leaf spot, dollar spot etc and in the spring red thread. I have not been able to control it and it has gotten worse every year. I had a lawn service one year and have...

Little Worms
I moved into a house in the middle of the woods. Last year for most of the summer months I get these little worms.

Moist mulch leads to fungus epidemic
QUESTION: “I just laid several inches of fresh, high-end dirt, an inch of shredded hardwood mulch and planted 150 bare root vinca (periwinkle) under a large pear tree in the front yard.

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