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Keep deer and rabbits away from your tender plants
My family and I all love wildlife. It’s a pleasure to take our coffee out on the back deck in the morning and sip quietly as we watch deer (and sometimes more exotic creatures) while they forage.

Keeping deer away from your plants
So what can you do if you want to make your property "deerproof"?

Landscape Design
Learn about the available tools landowners can use to simplify landscape design.

Land Steward provides helpful tips and free articles on Landscaping, about landscaping for landscapers.

Landscaping advice please!
I was wondering if you might be able to give me a few suggestions on landscaping.

Lawn & Garden
Articles from you on care and feeding of great lawns and gardens.

Lights... Camera... COLOR!
There seems to be one thing that almost all of us can agree upon: One of the most important aspects of any landscape is... Color!

Location, Selection, and Establishment for groundcover
Ground covers are low-growing plants that spread quickly to form a dense cover. They add beauty to the landscape and, at the same time, help prevent soil erosion. Come home with Greenwood for helpful hints in planning your landscape.

Lovely landscapes... even when water is scarce
A recent e-mail question from a reader got me thinking about a subject that we haven't discussed before in this column. Monette West wrote: " We get your column in the Zapata County News in Zapata, Texas. Can you give me some info on xeriscaping.

Making your landscape a bird and wildlife ‘magnet'
Part 1 of a 2 part series. For some of you, that phrase will conjure up an idyllic visions of birds and small woodland creatures happily playing in your backyard. For others, the blood pressure will already be rising as you picture deer...

Mornings best for tending summer landscapes
July is here and it can be one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to your landscape. If your outdoor “to do” list isn’t quite full, here a few ideas to keep you busy...

New and useful plants from unique nurseryman, Don Shadow
There are some plants that just demand the description “unique.” They are remarkable, unlike anything you’ve seen before; as fascinating as they are unusual.

Perennials reward your landscape investment
When you want a landscape that will come back – bigger and better – year after year, who are you gonna call? Perennials!

Planting and care for apple trees
care and feeding of apple trees!

Planting and care instructions for Raspberries
Raspberry Planting and care instructions, including soil prep to after-care.

Planting and Care Tips for Peach Trees
care and feeding of peach trees

Planting and general care tips for strawberry plants

Planting berries attracts birds to your garden
"Better Birds and Gardens?" Maybe that would be a good title for a magazine and it appears that it would be very popular judging by the e-mail I received regarding two columns I wrote about making birds feel welcome in your landscape.

Planting seeds from Crepe Myrtle!
This is a reply to your e-mail to confirm my order. I hope to make many more. Im glad to become a member of Greenwood Nursery. I do have one thing to ask; can you plant seeds from a Crepemyrtle Plant? If so when is a good time and how do you...

Planting trees this spring? These pre-plant tips will help!
We must be well into the new year because I've finally stopped writing the wrong year on my checks. It's about this time every year that both professional landscapers and home gardeners start thinking seriously about spring planting.

Planting vines can help hide "ugly" chain link fence!
Once again, it’s time to open my e-mail bag and see if I can help some readers who are having landscape headaches...

Planting with future Fall colors in mind
Autumn is one of the most colorful times of the year in the world of Nature, and one of the most enjoyable times for those of us who love tending to our landscape.

Planting your own mini-forest can be very...
Almost every summer, trees are the subject of the evening news on television and on the front page of the newspaper. Unfortunately, the trees we see are usually being consumed by a forest fire, and sadly the fire...

Planting, growing, care, and harvesting.
Blackberries need full sun. They aren't fussy about soils, although good drainage is important. If the soil has a good amount of humus, so much the better, but...

Planting? Here are some “off the beaten path” ideas
So, for those of you who want a few more ideas that are off the beaten path, here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Plotting Sun Angles
The best (i.e. laziest) way to plot the angle of the sun at any time of the year is to buy a sun chart like Robert Bennett’s, Sun Angles for Design.

Prepare now for a lush, green, and fragrant spring
If you were ever in the Boy Scouts, or you have a son who is, then you’ll know the famous motto of that organization: “Be prepared.”

Pruning Weeping Cherry Trees and other Grafted and Budded Plants
What do the terms grafting and budding mean?

Pruning Yews
I have yew bushes that are about 5-6 feet tall in front of the living room windows of a home we just purchased.

Pruning: a kindly cut for your trees
Pruning trees is a subject that crops up quite frequently in e-mail that I receive from readers of this column. Many people feel uneasy about cutting limbs from their trees, even though they understand in principle that...

Rain gardens: a beautiful "gift" to the environment
Water. There's either too much of it or not enough. Just try to find a farmer who can say he had exactly the right amount of rainfall last year!

Repellant Guidelines
Guidelines for the safe use of repellants in your gardens.

Repellants Part 1
Protecting Plants from Wildlife

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