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Tips for laying out and organizing your landscape
Here's a useful tip you should remember when you next plant trees, shrubs or any other type of flora. It's something that professional landscapers always do, but the rest of us might overlook.

“Thinking green” adds beauty, saves money
When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, what color immediately springs to mind? The answer of course is green! For many of us, that date is also when we’re beginning to see “green” reclaiming our landscape that has languished in shades of gray...

Add pathways to your landscape and save your lawn!
Recently, a reader asked me what to do about some well worn patches across her lawn. It seems that her family continues to "beat a path" across a particular area, despite her gentle requests, more forceful suggestions and downright threats!

Advice for growing healthy plants
Dear Steve: Do you have any advice for growing the Oregon grape holly or mahonia? Our Sunset garden guide says that it is a great plant and easy to grow, but the ones we have just seem to shrink, and the leaves get all discolored.

Allergic to pollen? Some plant ideas to ease your misery!
"Bless you!" If you've been hearing that a lot from your family and co-workers recently, maybe you're one of the millions who begin to suffer from allergies around this time every year.

Analyzing Your Soil
Testing Your Soil for Nutrient and Fertilizing Information.

Avoid these landscaping hazards!
Reports tell us that the majority of personal-injury accidents occur in the home. If that's the case, then garden and landscape-related injuries can't be far behind!

Boxwood propogation & care
Boxwood, known as Buxus in botanical terms, are excellent landscape plants.

C.A.D. simplifies landscape design
You gaze out into the yard from the new deck you put in two years ago...

Celebrate Earth Day - plant some trees!
There is one very important event we all need to remember: Earth Day, celebrated on April 22 every year.

Choosing, planting and care for groundcover.
This section will give some insight in selecting, planting, and caring for the groundcover you choose.

Composting made easy
Having an ample supply of good rich compost is the gardeners dream. It has many uses, and all of those uses will result in nicer plants.

Container gardening opens up new landscaping options
When it comes to getting creative with your landscaping, don't overlook containers! Perhaps you haven't really considered container gardening because you think of it as only for...

Controlling landscape pests – without chemicals
When it comes to landscaping there's one word that seems to evoke strong feelings from opposite sides of the subject: pesticides. It seems that there are very few people who are neutral about pesticides. Generally, you're...

Create a haven of privacy with the right trees and shrubs
Ah, privacy! If you live on a ranch in Wyoming or in a cabin in the wilds of Montana, that’s probably not a problem. But if you’re like most of us, you have neighbors quite close on each side of you and maybe overlooking...

Create privacy and drama with a living fence.
The wide open spaces might sound romantic or even desirable to us. But, even though America is a vast country, most of us only own and occupy a small portion of it. One or two acres are now described by Realtors as "large lots" and most homes...

Dish the dirt! What's your soil type?
It feels a little odd to be saying this with the August sun beating down on us, but it's a fact: Fall is just around the corner! The other day I saw a string of orange school buses and suddenly was struck by the thought...

Don Shadow: a life dedicated to "new and useful" plants
Don Shadow doesn’t like to use the word "unique" in describing the plants that he grows. But the word can certainly be applied to Don himself.

Enjoy the look and taste of a "fruitful" landscape
It shouldn't be only rabbits, squirrels and deer who get to enjoy the taste of your landscape. You planted it and you should get to eat some of it too! A phrase you may have been hearing recently is "edible landscaping". As you might guess...

Fallen leaves give reader "natural" way to feed soil
When I get a particularly interesting e-mail I like to share it with other readers of this column. Usually, it involves a question about a landscaping problem, but sometimes it’s a fascinating story, such as this one from Jan Frame...

Falling leaves: love ‘em or leave ‘em?
There’s a reason they call this season “fall.” Those leaves that look so beautiful as they turn from green to gold to crimson don’t look so attractive when they’ve become a sodden carpet on your lawn.

Finding natural solutions to garden and landscape
From time to time I hear from people who are interested in finding alternatives to chemical-based products to use as fertilizers or for weed control.

Garden Care Clinic
The ER Room for the Garden - get practical tips to deliver needed care and attention to trouble spots.

Gardening 101
All the basics, get practical know-how and tips for all beginner to intermediate gardeners.

Gardening for Lazy Bones Part Two
I was busy finishing my outdoor chores and winterizing my cars. Get ready for Wonderful Winter, folks.

Gardening for LazyBones Part Four
The phone’s ringing off the counter, the e-mails are coming in like rain, and now both my friends won’t speak to me.

Gardening for LazyBones Part One
If you like to work hard, sweat, grunt, and hurt, read no farther. Seek counseling instead.

Gardening for LazyBones Part Three
Take a deep breath, stretch, and slowly bow in front of a mirror.

How to get started on your landscaping project
You look out of your window and all you see is wide expanse of nothing but grass, but what you really want to see is a vista of attractive landscaping with colorful shrubs and trees.

Ideal Alternative Investment
People seek alternative investments for a variety of reasons. Some want a greater chance of equity growth, but unfortunately that's usually accompanied by a greater chance of equity loss.

in the SHADE?
Which of your flowering shrubs or large perennials would work well here in the SHADE?

Internet offers an abundance of information
When it comes to dreaming up new projects at the home-front, don’t overlook one very important resource ... the very place you are reading this story or the World Wide Web!

Is there an easy way to remove st. augustine grass
I just bought my 1st house on 1/2 acre - is there an easy way to remove st. augustine grass around trees to make tree rings? I applied Round-up and am trying to pull out by hand but...

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