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Transplants make tree planting easier.
Quite often I'm asked a variation on the same question. Sometimes the question is asked by visitors to my nursery; other times I find the question in my e-mail from a reader of this column. And sometimes the question remains unasked by...

Treat yourself to fun garden "gifts"!
Happy Holidays, gardeners and landscape enthusiasts! You've spent a lot of time and money in the past few weeks selecting gifts for your friends and family. You deserve a treat. You have my permission to treat yourself to some...

Trees and kids: Together, they can grow!
In a previous column, I came up with some ideas that you might find helpful when it comes to involving children in the world of plants. You might remember that I suggested planting a "butterfly bush" (Buddlea) and placing a butterfly house nearby.

Trees bring major benefits to urban areas
Sometimes you hear people say, "You can't see the forest for the trees." But in many towns and cities the real problem is that you can hardly see the trees at all. The reason is simple:

Trees form vital part of land's ecosystem
It seems that it's human nature to take for granted that which is always here. That's never more true than with trees and the soil they grow in. But what happens to our lives when they dwindle... or even vanish?

Trees grow big benefits, wherever you live
When I was a kid, the main reason I liked trees was because I could climb them, hide behind them and, with a bit of luck, persuade my Dad to build a tree house in one. Since then I've grown to appreciate trees a whole lot more as I've added to...

Unusual plants add unique look to landscape
Today, I have a few ideas for you as you begin to think about next season. These plants aren’t particularly exotic or unusual. But maybe they weren’t the first ones that come to mind...

Upgrading your landscape really does “pay”
Does it really pay to improve your landscaping? After all, it doesn’t look TOO bad. What difference could better landscaping make?

Water gardens can be “contained” on your patio
In previous columns, we’ve discussed water features for your landscape. We’ve also talked about container gardening, particularly container herb gardens to set up by your kitchen door. How about combining the idea of a container garden and a water?

Watering trees not always as simple as it seems!
Watering a tree sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But trees, particularly new, young trees, can suffer irreparable damage when they are subjected to incorrect or insufficient watering.

Your "edible landscape:" more than just apples!
In a previous column, I discussed the enjoyment you can derive from planting "edible landscape" or trees and bushes that produce fruit. The emphasis then was on apples and the benefits of some of my favorite varieties. However, there's no need to...

Your fresh grown herbs add zest to your cooking!
Are you using fresh herbs in your kitchen? If not, you should! And today I will show you how simple and economical it is to grow your own herbs and add them in mere seconds to any dish you're preparing. I'll even include a couple of fresh...

Your young trees will need TLC and water this summer
As spring turns to summer, your trees could need some special TLC. Young, newly-planted trees require attention like newborn infants, but don’t overlook the needs of your mature trees either.

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