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Ornamental grasses add year-long garden pleasure
A great landsteward article for all you ornamental grass lovers

Ornamental grasses enhance and showcase your flowers and shrubs
Your flower beds are finally free of weeds and you want to showcase your annuals and perennials with something special. This could be the perfect place for ornamental grasses.

Pandas and pygmies and kings, oh my! Some more new plant ideas
The trouble with “new” ideas is that they’ll always be “old” to anyone who already knew about them. I received quite a lot of e-mail from readers following my recent column that featured plant suggestions that were a little out of the ordinary.

Planting and care for apple trees
care and feeding of apple trees!

Planting and care instructions for Raspberries
Raspberry Planting and care instructions, including soil prep to after-care.

Planting and Care Tips for Peach Trees
care and feeding of peach trees

Planting and general care tips for strawberry plants

Planting berries attracts birds to your garden
"Better Birds and Gardens?" Maybe that would be a good title for a magazine and it appears that it would be very popular judging by the e-mail I received regarding two columns I wrote about making birds feel welcome in your landscape.

Planting seeds from Crepe Myrtle!
This is a reply to your e-mail to confirm my order. I hope to make many more. Im glad to become a member of Greenwood Nursery. I do have one thing to ask; can you plant seeds from a Crepemyrtle Plant? If so when is a good time and how do you...

Planting? Here are some “off the beaten path” ideas
So, for those of you who want a few more ideas that are off the beaten path, here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Plotting Sun Angles
The best (i.e. laziest) way to plot the angle of the sun at any time of the year is to buy a sun chart like Robert Bennett’s, Sun Angles for Design.

Pruning: a kindly cut for your trees
Pruning trees is a subject that crops up quite frequently in e-mail that I receive from readers of this column. Many people feel uneasy about cutting limbs from their trees, even though they understand in principle that...

Put some "butterfly magnets" in your garden!
I looked at my calendar the other day and noted that it was time to start "deadheading" my butterfly bushes. As you probably know, deadheading simply means cutting off the spent blooms, and...

Rain gardens: a beautiful "gift" to the environment
Water. There's either too much of it or not enough. Just try to find a farmer who can say he had exactly the right amount of rainfall last year!

Replacing shrubs needs the right tool
Sometimes those shrubs around the house - the ones that had so much "curb appeal" two decades ago - just don't seem quite as appealing any more.

She catches tree thieves in the act!
This is one crime that you think will never happen to you. Yes, you can imagine being a victim of car theft or finding your home has been burglarized. However, you probably don't consider the possibility of ... tree theft!

Simple design elements help avoid landscaping problems
Getting started on creating your ideal landscape can be the toughest part. You can envision stately trees and lush beds of beautiful shrubs and perennials, but exactly how do you go about it?

Some "fertile" thoughts on fertilizer
You might remember a nursery rhyme from your childhood that began, "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?"

Sometimes the Government really IS here to help
There's a lot of government-funded help out there for the asking, if you know where to look and what to ask for.

The hidden joys of containers
This season looks to be very exciting for those of you who enjoy container gardening...

The right way to water a House Plant
Are you confused about watering your houseplants? Many people consider it a simple matter, watering their plants whenever they think of it.

These big bloomers you'll be proud of your own!
Perennials, it seems, really are a perennial favorite with readers of this column. And no wonder. Perennials provide years of pleasure and a sense of continuity in your landscape as you see familiar friends returning season after season.

These four special trees will enhance your landscape
One of the toughest questions to answer is one I get asked quite frequently: “What is your favorite tree?”

These trees add color and class to your landscape! 08-01-04
Sometimes, we take trees for granted because... well, they're just "there." But I think that trees are some of Nature's most beautiful creations, and today I'd like to share some of my favorites with you. Perhaps my thoughts will inspire...

These trees have it made in the shade! 09-02-04
If you've been outdoors working on your landscape anytime during the past month or so, you've probably stopped every now and then to mop your brow and silently wish for more shade and an ice-cold drink. I'm sorry to say that I can't do much...

These Web sites help you plan, enjoy your landscape
Whatever your interest, it seems that there are at least a thousand Web sites that cater to it. When it comes to gardening and landscaping, it’s more like a hundred thousand with more being added every day.

They’re back! American elms are on the rebound
After several decades, when many horticulturists believed it was heading for extinction, the American elm is making a comeback.

Three ways trees make your life easier, more comfortable
Trees. Do you plant them on your property so you can enjoy their growing beauty over many years while adding to the value of your home in the future real estate market?

Tips for growing Pear Trees!

Tips on pruning flowering shrubs
Summer-flowering shrubs bloom on the new wood that grows in the spring. Therefore, early spring is the best time to prune summer-flowering trees, shrubs, and vines. If pruning is performed later, after new growth has begun...

Tips on what to do when my plants arrive.
Bareroot nursery stock should be left in the bag or box. Upon arrival, open a box. The roots should be slightly damp, but not necessarily wet. Moisture on the...

Training Wisteria, evergreen screens and more of your questions!
You must be devoting more time to thinking about your landscape and the trees and shrubs that grow – or WON'T grow – there, judging by the increase in the number of questions I've received recently! You're welcome to ask my advice by sending

Transplanting Tips
Early spring is a great time for transplanting trees and shrubs, but you must do so before they wake up. Transplanting a plant is a very traumatic experience for the plant if it is awake.

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