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Comment from reader to article on birding.
Instead of putting out lint from the drier for the birds, try putting small pieces of left over yard from your craft projects. Put these in one of the plastic berry boxes and tie to a branch of a tree there the birds can get to it.

Compost: the free gateway to super soil
Is it really worth starting your own compost pile? Aren’t you simply creating a smelly eyesore that’s just a glorified trash dump?

Composting made easy
Having an ample supply of good rich compost is the gardeners dream. It has many uses, and all of those uses will result in nicer plants.

Container gardening opens up new landscaping options
When it comes to getting creative with your landscaping, don't overlook containers! Perhaps you haven't really considered container gardening because you think of it as only for...

Container water garden: a fun and easy project!
A water feature is a charming addition to your landscape. But with water comes the potential problem of mosquitoes!

Correct planting gives shrubs and trees a head start
"I don’t understand it. I stuck ‘em in the ground, stamped down the dirt and splashed on some water, but my shrubs STILL died. I think there was something wrong with them.”

Create a haven of privacy with the right trees and shrubs
Ah, privacy! If you live on a ranch in Wyoming or in a cabin in the wilds of Montana, that’s probably not a problem. But if you’re like most of us, you have neighbors quite close on each side of you and maybe overlooking...

Create privacy and drama with a living fence.
The wide open spaces might sound romantic or even desirable to us. But, even though America is a vast country, most of us only own and occupy a small portion of it. One or two acres are now described by Realtors as "large lots" and most homes...

Creative plant names add fun to your landscape
What’s in a name? Some plants have acquired names that boast fascinating back-stories, while others have monikers that are so descriptive, they’re irresistible! Here are two of my favorite examples.

Cucumber time in the Garden
Cucumbers, although available year round in the stores nowadays, are most plentiful during the summer months when many folks are raising them in their gardens.

Disease resistant plants
This year, the Perennial Plant Association has declared that Phlox cv. 'David' to be the 2002 perennial plant of the year.

Dish the dirt! What's your soil type?
It feels a little odd to be saying this with the August sun beating down on us, but it's a fact: Fall is just around the corner! The other day I saw a string of orange school buses and suddenly was struck by the thought...

Dogwoods, cedars or shrubs: spouses have different ideas!
Sometimes, the questions I receive are more concerned with “domestic relationships” than with the specific landscape problems they describe.

Don Himber has a question about ladybugs
Iwas reading your suggestion to keep wasp away, and I was wondering if you have any for lady bugs. Yes I know lady bugs are a good thing but you know what they say about too much of a good thing.

Don Shadow: a life dedicated to "new and useful" plants
Don Shadow doesn’t like to use the word "unique" in describing the plants that he grows. But the word can certainly be applied to Don himself.

Dry your own herbs to enjoy all year.
Have you ever sat in a traffic jam and seen a billboard beside a new development that reads "If you lived here you'd be home by now"? Earlier in the spring, I wrote three columns about planting and enjoying container herb gardens. So now...

Drying Herbs
If you have an herb garden, you'll find that home-dried herbs can be just as tasty as those bought at the store. However, proper handling is as important to the success of your herb harvest as good cultural practices.

Enjoy the look and taste of a "fruitful" landscape
It shouldn't be only rabbits, squirrels and deer who get to enjoy the taste of your landscape. You planted it and you should get to eat some of it too! A phrase you may have been hearing recently is "edible landscaping". As you might guess...

Evergreen planting brings year-round life to your garden
This time of the year is perfect for planning some of the exciting projects you can get started on in the spring. This week I have a suggestion for a project that is a lot of fun to plan and will be very satisfying to create. And if the land...

Evergreens, holly and mushrooms: Q&A's
It's time once again for me to try and answer some of the many questions sent to me via e-mail from readers of this column. But first, I want to mention something I read recently about the health benefits of mushrooms, after being alerted by a...

Fast-growing vines add shade and color 08-10-03
"Hot enough for you?" You've probably heard that question at least once in the last week or so. And today, I'll give you a few ideas that should help you make the best use of your landscaping to cool things down a little. In my last column..

Fertilizing to Create more Blossoms on Your Flowers, Flowering Shrubs, and Trees
The secret to making your flowering trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials bloom more is in the numbers. All fertilizers have analysis numbers on the package. These numbers represent the percentage of each chemical the product contains.

Finding natural solutions to garden and landscape
From time to time I hear from people who are interested in finding alternatives to chemical-based products to use as fertilizers or for weed control.

Flowering trees add vivid bursts of color
For me, at this time of year, nothing lifts my spirits quite like the sight of the beautiful flowering trees that Cheryl and I have planted over the years as part of our landscape. And it’s not just our trees.

Good news for the American elm... and for its fans
If, like me, you love trees, I have some good news for you. Then maybe some even better news.

Groundcover is more than just a lawn-alternative.
Take a look out of your window and survey your land. Probably a large percentage of what you see consists of grass in some form or other. What would be a good alternative to all that sod?

Groundcover: good or bad for your trees?
One of the subjects I get asked about quite frequently is groundcover. More specifically, many people want to know the pros and cons of planting ground cover around trees. One of the main reasons that you might consider planting...

Ground Cover Plants: Great-looking greenery year ‘round
Groundcover is an excellent alternative to a high-maintenance lawn and can enhance the look of your landscape beautifully while reducing the amount of sweat-equity you need to invest.

Grow lush grass – not weeds – on your lawn!
It's that time of the year when we suddenly start thinking about lawn care again. The grass is beginning to grow again, and so are the weeds. And the brown patches are even more noticeable against the new, fresh green growth. There are some...

Internet offers an abundance of information
When it comes to dreaming up new projects at the home-front, don’t overlook one very important resource ... the very place you are reading this story or the World Wide Web!

It’s official: Trees are GOOD for you!
Those of us who enjoy the outdoors have always known that being around trees somehow makes us feel better. The sound of the rustling leaves, the sight of the dappled sun light filtering through the gently swaying branches.

Making your landscape a bird and wildlife ‘magnet'
Part 1 of a 2 part series. For some of you, that phrase will conjure up an idyllic visions of birds and small woodland creatures happily playing in your backyard. For others, the blood pressure will already be rising as you picture deer...

Noisy or nosey? Either way, screening can help!
Creating some form of screening on your land can be a fun project and a very practical one, too. You can choose some form of fencing or trellis, or you can plant some fast-growing shrubs or a hedge.

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