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Pruning shrubs will keep them healthy and safe
One of the major causes of anxiety among amateur landscapers is the subject of pruning shrubs.

"Ain't No Ticks On Me?" You Hope!
Ticks are parasitic vertebrates that infest every class of terrestrial vertebrate, including mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. A tick is not an insect. They are members of the class Arachnida, which includes spiders, scorpions, and mites.

"Easy care" plants for the horticulturally challenged!
"I have a brown thumb," a reader of this column recently moaned.She meant that she had the opposite of a "green thumb," often apply to people who seem to have a knack of growing just about anything successfully. Our...

"Head's up! Literally that is.
Before you plant your tree, take a minute to look UP.

"Made in the Shade" on a hot summer's day
Does this sound good to you right now? You are outside on a pleasant summer's day. You can hear the chirp and twitter of various birds, and maybe the distant drone of a faraway tractor or mower. You trace a fingertip through the droplets of..

"Roses are red..." and so are these trees!
Roses might be red... but so are some of the world'smost beautiful trees! In your "members only" preview of this week's "PLANT MAN" newspaper column, you can read about some "red" trees and see if they could add a little color to your...

“Sold” on compost? Here’s how to make your pile
Creating a compost pile is one of the simplest jobs you can do around your garden and landscape. However, it is also just about the most effective use of your time because it pays big dividends in the form of vibrant soil and healthy plants.

“Thinking green” adds beauty, saves money
When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, what color immediately springs to mind? The answer of course is green! For many of us, that date is also when we’re beginning to see “green” reclaiming our landscape that has languished in shades of gray...

A planting primer for trees and shrubs
Right about now, a lot of us are getting ready to plant some new goodies around our landscape.

A few quick questions...
From one of our readers: Frost, planting, and tulips!

A Ticking Solution!
In Aug of 2001, my husband and I decided to build a new house. The land we chose to build on had not been cleared fpr about 45 or 50 years. Needless to say --- ticks were thick. We'd go out and work...

Add pathways to your landscape and save your lawn!
Recently, a reader asked me what to do about some well worn patches across her lawn. It seems that her family continues to "beat a path" across a particular area, despite her gentle requests, more forceful suggestions and downright threats!

Advice for growing healthy plants
Dear Steve: Do you have any advice for growing the Oregon grape holly or mahonia? Our Sunset garden guide says that it is a great plant and easy to grow, but the ones we have just seem to shrink, and the leaves get all discolored.

An all-natural snake repellent? This one has many benefits!
In a recent "Plant Man" column, a reader asked for suggestions to rid his landscape of snakes without having to kill them. One reader responded with a fascinating (and non-toxic) idea that you'll find in this week's column, below.

Analyzing Your Soil
Testing Your Soil for Nutrient and Fertilizing Information.

Another letter from our friend Stravo
Thanks for adding the warning to your column regarding mushroom kits. I see you're gentleman as well as a softy when it comes to kids. Bravo, sir. May you live a hundred years! The idea of planting a tree with a child is a special one.

Arborvitae propogation & Care
Arborvitae (Thuja) is probably one of the most popular landscape plants being used and sold today.

Attractive groundcover can repel deer, too!
Groundcover: Can it really be practical as well as attractive? In a previous column, I discussed the pros and cons of adding groundcover around your trees. In fact, I asked you to imagine yourself as a tree and think how you'd feel about...

Avoid these landscaping hazards!
Reports tell us that the majority of personal-injury accidents occur in the home. If that's the case, then garden and landscape-related injuries can't be far behind!

Azalea propogation & care
Azalea is a difficult plant to explain. A member of the Rhododendron family, this diverse group of plants could make up an entire website of their own.

Baby Trees
I found two little Japanese maple trees (1") in my flower bed last spring.

Bird bedding, herb gardens and groundcover
I love e-mail. Even with all the spam and the worries about viruses, it's still a modern marvel. For instance, almost as soon as this column is published, I start receiving e-mail from readers commenting on what I've written or offering...

Birds and bats and butterflies! Oh my!
As you know, this column is about trees, shrubs and all things "landscaping." So it might seem strange when I tell you that today I'm talking about houses. Wait! Stay right there! This...

Birds, bats and butterflies: How to make them welcome!
Lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)... It's my guess that you'd agree with Dorothy on this one. There are some critters you just don't want to invite into your landscape. Lions, tigers and bears are probably right at the top of your...

Black Walnut trees: planting and caring
In my last column I talked about the Black Walnut tree and the value of its wood to manufacturers of high quality furniture, paneling, flooring, architectural features, and so on. I suggested that you might want to consider planting some...

Black Walnut: A Beautiful Investment
Certain types of Black Walnut are often described as being among the most sought-after native hardwood trees in America. In my opinion, "higher quality" Black Walnut will remain sought-after for a very long time to come, and is becoming...

Blueberry planting and after care instructions
Basic instructions for planting and care for your blueberry plants.

Boxwood propogation & care
Boxwood, known as Buxus in botanical terms, are excellent landscape plants.

C.A.D. simplifies landscape design
You gaze out into the yard from the new deck you put in two years ago...

Celebrate Earth Day - plant some trees!
There is one very important event we all need to remember: Earth Day, celebrated on April 22 every year.

Cement under trees
Bark looks ugly but cement is attractive?

Chestnut trees can still grace your landscape
Now there's a sight that might have been familiar to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow but would be almost impossible to see today.

What are the plants and shrubs avaliable for landscape near house that has a clay loam that holds moisture so much so that many plants roots rot?

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