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Burning bush are dropping their leaves.

Hello Steve,

I have several bushes, we call them burning bushes, the top half of the bushes have dropped all their leaves. The bush look like they have been dusted with white face powder. they have been like this for 6 weeks and now finally, I see some new growth on the top stems. ( we have been having 95 degree days, now only 88)

Do you have a feel for what was happening to my bushes?

Thank you for any help you could give me.

Don Baker



I would say they are under stress from lack of rain. The high temps are also part of the problem. Sometimes a plant will drop its leaves under stress to save itself. (nothing like mother nature) Then as temperatures comes back to normal the plant regenerates leaves.

A part of where the plant takes up moisture and loses it is in the leaves and so to save itself it drops then regenerates at a better time. Kind of like us not spending during hard times then spending more during good.

Kind regards