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Problems with getting out holly bush stumps.

Hi Steve, We recently removed some (old) Holly bushes from the front of our house. My husband chain sawed them down. Well now I have about 3" of stump remaining from the ground. I KEEP getting new HOLLY growth all over. I have to keep clipping to control. We put a poison into the stumps (after drilling holes) but still there. I want to till up the whole front (front of house) and replant from some of your plants or flowers. How can I make sure I kill the root, stump and any other mew growth? Thanks Ginnie Mercer


Hi Ginnie

I know there are several products out there that you can purchase from your local garden store. However, in order for you to do this quickly you may have to dig them out.. since they are a three inch caliper you will have to back away from the stump about two feet with a spade and start digging. You use a spade to cut the roots all the way around the trunk then dig down and lift up.

This is the fastest way to accomplish your task. It will take quite a while for poisons to kill and rot the stump enough to till the ground.

Kind regards