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Problems with my Kwanzan Cherry tree...

Our reader Jim writes:

I recently planted a Kwanzan FLowering Cherry Tree and up untill last week everything was fine. Now I notice that the green leaves that once were are steadily becoming yellow and falling off. I'm wondering what happened? Is it spider mites or something else? The tree isn't even 2 months old yet. What gives?


Dear Jim

Depending on the weather conditions in your area will determine part of the health of your tree. The Kwansan Cherry is one of the most beautiful flowering cherries available. If under stress conditions, like a drought, the tree may be weakened enough to succumb to a variety of disease. However, the most common problem with the cherry is a susceptibility towards borers. The way we have been able to get rid of borers is with Duraspan. However you may want to check with a reputable garden center in your area for more information on this and other products. Steve