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Help! I have a water problem.

One of our members, Margo writes:

Help! My neighbor's house sits on higher ground than mine. When it rains heavily, water accumulates on the side of my house due to the downward slope and my house floods(our houses are built very close together). Please give me some landscaping solutions!


Hi Here is one solution that make work for your problem. I used this type of drain around my home. When we built a new home about three years ago my wife did not want any gutters on our new home. So, for drainage we put in what is called a French drain. This type of drain is easy to build. Decide where you have the most water standing and dig a trench to where you want the water to end up. This trench should be about one foot to eighteen inches deep. Take landscape cloth the kind that is used as a weed barrier that water can go through, and lay it in your ditch. Have enough overlap about 6 inches to one foot over the sides as overlap. Put in about 2 inches of graves or rock. The size of the rock can be from pea gravel to 1/2 inch in diameter. Put in one of those black drainage pipe, the one with the holes in it. You want this to go the length of your trench. Lay it in your trench with the holes facing down. then fill the ditch with graves to about four inches from the top. Bring the ends of your cloth around and stitch with a nylon string. These can be fairly large stitches just to hold the cloth together. This should look like a long box with rock in it when you have finished with this step. Now fill to 2 inches from the top with loose gravel. Then this is the fun part. Line the outer edges of the trench with larger rock, say 4 to 8 inch stuff. Then in between those two lines put in creek rock, the smooth round kind, so it will look like a dry creek bed. It will be attractive to your yard and when the rain comes it will drain to the area you want the water to go to. You can then landscape around it with shrubs and groundcovers. Not to cover it up but to enhance the looks. Hope this helps. Steve

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