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Hibiscus plant grown from seed

I had a large hibiscus purchased from a florist that sat in a west facing window. The non-stop blossoms were show-stoppers and I managed to harvest 3 seeds from the plant. When I moved to the US from Canada I could not bring my plants but was thrilled when one of the hibiscus seeds germinated and grew. Now, 10 years later this plant has never bloomed despite my best efforts. I feed, prune and place it outdoors for the summer. What can I do to make this plant bloom?

Lynda Birmingham AL


Hi Lynda,

There are blooming things that you can purchase from most garden centers. There is a trick I use with wisteria in that around November when they go dormant I put one tablespoon of Epsom salts and dissolve into a gallon of water and saturate the soil at the base of the plant. Then the same again in spring just before they start to leaf out.

One other thing comes to mind in that since you only have the seed from the plant that you may have just a seedling and not the cultivar of the exact plant. If that is the case the bloom will not be the same.

Hope this helps. Steve

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