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Marge from New Mexico (a new gardner)


Thanks for being there. I never in my life have ever planted anything. I live in Las Cruces NM. Where I would like to plant some low bushes in the shade, and some flowers in an area that has never been planted before. I need some help to know what to plant in a shady area, low edges and some flowering bushes full sun. I am a cancer patient and need something nice in my life so I will try to plant something on my own without any one telling me I can't. Thanks for your help. Marge

Hi Marge

Shaded areas require shade loving plants. Seems obvious, but a lot of folks believe they can plant something anywhere just because they like the color , plant, etc.

Plants that thrive in shade and damp conditions are plants like ferns and hostas that give texture to the garden. Groundcovers like ajuga, and vinca will give color for a large part of spring and summer.

Full sun shrubs that give color like lilac, red bush honeysuckle and some viburnums,

Gardening is simple using texture, size and color. Always place or use plants by determining what there size will become over the years.

Fewer plants are better than to crowd an area.

Smaller plants and flowers can always be added as you go along. Good luck with all.


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