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Help on plant trimming.

Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 11:24 AM To: [email protected] Subject: help on plant trimming

Are you able to help us? Our landscaping plants are growing (too) vigoroully. Are we now able to trim, or must we wait on the following? If so, when?

Globe Arbovitre Burning Bushes Hosta 'Krossa regal' Hydrangea 'Tardive' Spirea 'Little Princess'

Your help will be appreciated

Don & Carnetta Vonder haar from Oakville, Missouri.

Hi You should be able to trim all the plants except the Hostas. Hostas can be taken up in the fall after they have gone dormant and divided into smaller divisions. These can then be planted out in different locations.

All of the shrubs that you mentioned can be trimmed after the initial flush of growth or blooming period. This will allow plants that bloom to set buds for the next year, and cause them put on a new flush of growth.

The size and age of your plants will determine how much to cut off. For an older plant it may have already gone past the stage of being able to prune much and have it look good. In other words, if your burning bush is 8 to 10 years old you don't want to cut it back so much there is not any foilage left.

Usually a rule of thumb is to trim and shape just above where this years new growth has occured. This will cause more dense branching to occur this growing season.

Cut out any of the dead wood that you find and water and fertilize after trimming. This will help to make your plants healthier and more productive in your landscape.

Good Luck Steve

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