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Question about lining a driveway.

QUESTION: "I live in lower Michigan (with sandy, well drained soil) and have a 700 foot long driveway that I would like to "line" on each side with trees. The general effect that I would like to create is driving through the woods, where the trees make a canopy and you feel like you're traveling through a living tunnel. Would you have any suggestions?" – Lorre

ANSWER: A canopy effect on your driveway sounds beautiful. The "canopy" trees that you usually see in pictures are oaks. They take a long time to get to that size so you may want to think of some fast growing willows in the foreground to start with and a more permanent tree lining behind them with the oaks.

Liz from Waterloo, IL writes:

I read in the paper The Plant Man, which I enjoy. One question was asked about a canopy on the drive way. We have a drive that is 340 feet and I have Redbud trees on both sides and it is a canopy. It dosen't take long for the Redbuds to grow. I am sending you a picture of the drive which has since filled out both sides with more Redbud trees. I have to trim them, they hang down in places and hit the cars and trucks but if this man wants the canopy effect this is the tree for it.

Thank you Liz for your comments and the picture was wonderful too. Steve

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