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Don Himber has a question about ladybugs

Hi I was reading your suggestion to keep wasp away, and I was wondering if you have any for lady bugs. Yes I know lady bugs are a good thing but you know what they say about too much of a good thing. Everyone that has a place near a wooded area is having problems with these bugs they can work their way around weatherstripping on doors and windows and never go away once inside your home. HELP.

Hi Don We have the same problem here in TN. The lady bugs that you are referring to are a migrating bug that really becomes a problem at one time of the year. We have sprayed with a lot of different things but nothing seems to work for us either. The only thing I can tell you is they bite and your only defense is a fly swatter. Will post your question on the land steward site and maybe someone else will have a solution. Steve

A Reader writes in:


The anti-ladybug product is called CYNOFF by FMC corp. I'm sure there are others. My son sprays the whole south end of his log cabin every fall. Needless to say the infestation was not 100,000, but it might have been, there were so many. I checked the search engine and now there are more offers to eradicate them then there are to love them...........Jo

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