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Bradford Pear Tree problem

Hi Steve, I have a 5 year old Bradford Pear Tree that is not looking to healthy. It has been growing very full and at a good pace. This spring my tree has dwindled in size and is about 50% as full as it usally is. It did flower and the leaves are green, but some are a little knarled up. I do fertilize it and make sure it gets watered during dry weather. Is this just the characteristics of the tree or is there something I could do to help it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Vicki Reimer Fenton, MO

Plantmans responce:


There is a type of blight called fire blight that causes the leaves to turn black and the tree to die. However the Bradford Pear is supposed to be resistant. Are you sure that what you have is a Bradford and not one of the cultivars like Aristocrat or some of the others? It could have experienced some damage from freezing if it put out in early spring and them experienced a hard freeze. This would show even if it did flower first then experience the freeze. You may try trimming back some of the gnarled and bad looking braches then fertilize to push out new growth. Hope this helps. If you have a friend in the garden center business you may want a second opinion of someone who can visually see the tree.

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