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Doomed area?

There is an area in our yard where we have planted (on two separate occasions) 2 birch trees. The trees live for approximately one year and then die at the end of summer. Is it a doomed area....ground cover seems to grow well, however the trees die. The spot is on a drip system that waters approximately 20 other trees that are thriving. Any ideas? Thanks for your assistance. --- C/S Friend

Plantmans responce:

Hi It would sound to me that at that particular bit of soil that you either have a shallow soil in that area (where the rock underneath is close to the top), or being sapped by the roots of a nearby tree. That would explain why you can grow a groundcover that has a shallow root system. Or the soil could be heavier in that location where the subsurface of the are would hold water and the top would not. Hope this helps some. Steve

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