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Landsteward Reader Response

Our "New" Landsteward section that will list reader response from around the world. Along with the helpful hints that come from members, you will read just what readers have to say about our Plant Man, weekly columns.

We Hope you enjoy.


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My cypress is brown
Hi, I have what I believe is a small Cypress Tree which I recently transplanted into a larger pot using miracle grow soil.

Transplanting a Chinese Pistache Tree
I ordered a tree from Greenwood Nursery last spring and planted it. I am now having second thoughts on the location of the tree and would like to transplant to another area of my yard.

Container Grasses
My garden club is going to plant 8 containers on our city 'square'.

Plants for erosion control
We are in the process of building our retirement log home in the Western NC mountains (zone 6). Our 6&1/2 acre site is situated on a fairly steep slope.

Wind Tolerant Trees
Today the temp is 7 and winds were 50 mph. We have a new home in rural northwest OH and I'm looking for ideas for trees and shrubs that can withstand that wind.

I have a basically narrow backyard with chain link fencing around it's entirety.

English Ivy
I have an interest in putting some English Ivy on a bank that is along the side of the St Lawrence River in Clayton, NY. I believe this is zone 4.

What type of flowers can get to keep my bees happy?

Poison Ivy
My son planted Myrtle on a steep bank beside his house. Now Poison Ivy has taken over..

Knockout Roses
Need some help in maintaining the Knock out Roses.

Water Problems
Our side yard is constanley wet .

Living Fence
I just read your article on a living fence and I think this is what I am looking to do.

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