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Landsteward Reader Response

Our "New" Landsteward section that will list reader response from around the world. Along with the helpful hints that come from members, you will read just what readers have to say about our Plant Man, weekly columns.

We Hope you enjoy.


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Cement under trees
Bark looks ugly but cement is attractive?

newly planted red maple leaves burning
I recently planted a red maple tree small but reently it appears that the existing leaves are burning from sun exposure.

hydrangea flowering-not
my hydrangea plant is healthy but has only put out 1 flower in last 4 years.

Japanese Beetles
Can japanese beetles kill an otherwise healthy tree?

Little Worms
I moved into a house in the middle of the woods. Last year for most of the summer months I get these little worms.

Fig Tree Care
We have a young fig tree that is doing very well with just giving it plenty of water. Our relatives in Italy have many trees and only give them water and they produce beautiful fruit.

Rose Canes
I read your suggestions for plant mold on the Greenwood Nursery internet site, and also the one about the large canes on the berry vines.

I have a young dogwood tree that I believe got overspray of MSMA on it this spring when I treated my lawn.

I need some help with my landscaping problems.
I have a new home that is one year old. I have had a terrible time getting my shrubs in front of my house to live.

helleri holly
Help! A few months ago I replaced some overgrown evergreens in my front shrub bed. I planted several helleri hollies along with dward youpon hollies.

First time caller :) long time reader. I have a water delima.

At an estate sale this weekend, I picked up a "Plant Nurse" Electric air machine model 300.

Evergreen Shrubs Turning Orange
I'm located in eastern part of NY state, the shrubs are about 2.5 round and about 2.5 high.

A few quick questions...
From one of our readers: Frost, planting, and tulips!

Cutting Roses down for Winter.

Question about soil samples
I was reading an article you published on landscaping.about.com entitled "Your fall landscape: Ten "do it now" garden tips" and one of the things you suggested was to do a soil sample if you think you need to.

Help! a sap sucker is attacking my Birch trees!
Steve help! a sap sucker is attacking my Birch trees. Any suggestions?

Gardening in the shade
My main question for you is this: which herbs can I plant in fully shaded areas?

Blue Spruce & Varmins
I have several Blue Spruces who are at least 20 to 30 feet tall. Every year at about this time, they get a parasite, that looks like soft cones, brown which hang down from their small branches.

My garden is thick and lush, just not Green enough
My lawn is thick and lush but i'd like for it to be much darker green. It is a zoysia w/ a little bermuda coming in.what can i apply to the lawn to make it dark green?

Just not enough blossoming..
I have 12' bradford pear and it only gets a few blossom on it each year.What can I do to get more?

Falling Pear Leaves
I have two 3 1/2 month old Bradford Pears. They're part of new construction. About two weeks ago, the leaves started turning yellow and falling off.

Blossoming Peach Trees?
Could you tell me when peach trees start to blossom, and how lond does it take to mature fruit.

Wasp Immobilization and Control
Regarding the reader's need for removal of the hornet or wasp nest, would it be a good idea to use a CO2-type fire extinguisher, during the night when the Hymenoptera are not active?

How do I get rid of Deer Flies?
How can I get rid of "Yellow Flies" (Deer flies)? I am extremely allergic to their bite and cannot tend to my garden because they immediately attack.

I have a nest of what I think are baldfaced hornets above my garage door (which is rarely used).

I think it might be a worm??
Please help!!! I have no idea what I just found on my bush outside..

Help my tree is drowning!
We bought a forest pansy redbud tree on April 25. We planted it in our front yard where we could enjoy it and where also others could see and enjoy it.

Having trouble with Dogwood
Steve, the year before I put a circle of landscape bricks around my dogwood tree. I put in some flowers and top soil.

Kwanzan Cherry Tree isn't blooming
I have a Kwanzan cherry tree that I planted about 2 years ago. Over the last couple of years I have noticed that the tree is flowering less each year.

Landscaping advice please!
I was wondering if you might be able to give me a few suggestions on landscaping.

Two Questions for the Plant Man
I read your article in the newspaper today, regarding the problem of riding SNAKES from the landscape. You failed to inform us of the answer that you had received from one of your readers.

Pruning Yews
I have yew bushes that are about 5-6 feet tall in front of the living room windows of a home we just purchased.

Steep slope in front yard
I need ideas for the front of our new home. We finished building last November and have no grass as of yet.

Creeping dirt becomes an issue.
I am writing now for a suggestion from you as to how to best control an erosion problem.

Soil stops vegetable grower in her tracks.
I believe it is a problem because the soil clumps and seedlings fail to thrive.

Looking for Low Maintenance.
I would like to decrease the lawn expanse with trees. Low maintenance, natural setting. I enjoy gardening, flowering trees, & evergreens for winterscaping. I read your hedge article and could use your input/suggestions on scaping.

Stream takes man's land
I have a stream at the back of my property which runs for about 2000 feet; it is about 6 feet at its widest and about 2 feet deep at its deepest; it has many draining rivulets draining into it, and the land around these rivulets is kind of marshy.

Hollies on my mind!
What to do when Holly needs to move to a better location. She's grown to large for the space she's in. What can this homeowner do?

Dangerous slopes in Minnesota cause problems.
Property owner at wits end trying to tame a wild area in their yard. Plantman offers suggestions to take care of several issues at the same time.

Christmas tree raises issues!
What do you do with a throw away Christmas tree with a cut trunk after the season is over.

300 Live oaks and a problem with Boles.
QUESTION: "We have about 300 live oak trees on our property, and almost all are covered with what I term "boles" on the leaves. Not just a few; but literally many...

Leaf spot on Oak trees from one of our readers.
QUESTION: "For the past three years, I have had a terrible problem with leaf spot, dollar spot etc and in the spring red thread. I have not been able to control it and it has gotten worse every year. I had a lawn service one year and have...

Problem with Brown spots on the Lawn and a cure.
"A few years ago the 'Rebecca's Garden' television program suggested adding two to three tablespoons of tomato juice to your...

Jim Thompson on Catalpa Worms.
Steve, I raise worms. I have 38 trees. the stumps of the trees are knee to waist high, 3 to 10 inches diameter. Every winter I remove what growth there was that year. The new sprouts can get up to 30 feet high. The Catalpa Spinx Moth comes out...

Our column on Catalpa trees rekindles memories.
You wouldn't think a woman who lives in a suburban Brentwood home with a manicured lawn would have a personal acquaintance with the very interesting catalpa worms, would you? Your article on the creatures took me on a trip down memory lane.

My wife handed me your article
It is weird that I am writing you. I came home last with with a bag full of black walnut seeds from my uncle's farm. My wife handed me your article on proper care for black walnut trees today.

The White Spruce seedling from my employer.
My husband has received a white spruce seedling tree from his employer. We live in Rochester NY. My question to you is should we plant this seedling outside or keep in housebound. We have planted it in...

Bark is peeling off my young bradford pear.
I have a young bradford pear tree that looks as if the bark, at the base of the trunk, is peeling away. I can see...

bugs on my tree
I hope you can maybe help me with a situation that we are having. I've been getting the run around from everyone else I've asked. We moved to our current location appox. three years ago. When we bought the house...

Can I divide mums?
I was given a potted mum last fall. After blooming,I planted it in my flower bed and pruned it back to the ground. It came back this year and...

Is there an easy way to remove st. augustine grass
I just bought my 1st house on 1/2 acre - is there an easy way to remove st. augustine grass around trees to make tree rings? I applied Round-up and am trying to pull out by hand but...

How do we obtain an honest appraisal of the value
This is in regard to your September 18, 2002 article in the Columbus Dispatch about black walnut trees. We have four approximately 30-40 feet high black walnut trees on an investment rental property (the house was built in 1940). How do we...

A Concerned Instructor In Washington.
Great job again, Steve, I am setting up courses exactly for this purpose, Name Your Neighbors. Kids spend so much time indoors, these days, that I'm afraid they wouldn't know a dandelion from salsify. I've seen kids walk right into a...

Another letter from our friend Stravo
Thanks for adding the warning to your column regarding mushroom kits. I see you're gentleman as well as a softy when it comes to kids. Bravo, sir. May you live a hundred years! The idea of planting a tree with a child is a special one.

A Special Lawn Cocktail.
Steve, Per an excerpt from your article: "Help your lawn breathe during the dog days. I recently read about a retired Detroit police officer who claims that his lush, green lawn comes from treating his grass to a...

Brown spots in my lawn.
Dave in St. Louis Hello; When is the best time to treat a blue grass lawn for areas of brown spot? Dig it up & start over or treat with?

Problems with getting out holly bush stumps.
We recently removed some (old) Holly bushes from the front of our house. My husband chain sawed them down. Well now I have about 3" of stump remaining from the ground. I KEEP getting new HOLLY growth all over. I have to keep clipping to control.

"My weeping cherry is weeping."
Steve, I really enjoy your advice. I planted a weeping cherry a few months ago and have kept it watered and fertilized with miracle gro. A couple weeks ago, I noticed it weeping sap at the base of the trunk. Since then...

Problems with my Kwanzan Cherry tree...
I recently planted a Kwanzan FLowering Cherry Tree and up untill last week everything was fine. Now I notice that the green leaves that once were are steadily becoming yellow and falling off. I'm wondering

Problems with ladybugs that are not ladybugs.
I was reading your suggestion to keep wasp away, and I was wondering if you have any for lady bugs. Yes I know lady bugs are a good thing but you know what they say about too much of a good thing.

How much water for new trees?
Steve, I just recently read a column in my local suburban paper by you and was thrilled to read the topic was on new trees. I had 2 planted in April, a redbud and an apple serviceberry. Neither came with any instructions about watering.

Marge from New Mexico (a new gardner)
Thanks for being there. I never in my life have ever planted anything. I live in Las Cruces NM.

Bridget from Ohio. Problems with bad soil.
steve like many other columbus, OH residents, i have a problem: a postage-stamp sized garden plot behind my apartment with crappy, gooey clay soil

Help on plant trimming.
Are you able to help us? Our landscaping plants are growing (too) vigoroully. Are we now able to trim, or must we wait on the following? If so, when?

Question about lining a driveway.
I live in lower Michigan (with sandy, well drained soil) and have a 700 foot long driveway that I would like to "line" on each side with trees.

Bradford Pear Tree problem
I have a 5 year old Bradford Pear Tree that is not looking to healthy. It has been growing very full and at a good pace. This spring my tree has dwindled in size and

Don Himber has a question about ladybugs
Iwas reading your suggestion to keep wasp away, and I was wondering if you have any for lady bugs. Yes I know lady bugs are a good thing but you know what they say about too much of a good thing.

Catalpa trees and fishing worms
"Can you tell me any info about a tree that will get fishing worms on it every year? I can't seem to find it on the net because I can't spell it

Pat Hope wrote in about wasps:
In a recent column I discussed controlling pesky wasps. I received the following e-mail from reader Pat Pope who said:

Hedge Question from Ed
I would appreciate it if you could shed some of the wisdom of your field upon a novice. I would like a privacy hedge of evergreen trees. I would like it to grow fast.

Doomed area?
There is an area in our yard where we have planted (on two separate occasions) 2 birch trees. The trees live for approximately one year and then die at the end of summer. Is it a doomed area...

Non-commercial deer repellant from a reader
Deer have access to my property through a nearby woods. I am experimenting with ways to deter them from pillaging young trees and shrubs, not wanting to spend a lot of money on high fencing or expensive commercial repellant.

Help! I have a water problem.
Help! My neighbor's house sits on higher ground than mine. When it rains heavily, water accumulates on the side of my house due to the downward slope and my house floods

Advice for growing healthy plants
Dear Steve: Do you have any advice for growing the Oregon grape holly or mahonia? Our Sunset garden guide says that it is a great plant and easy to grow, but the ones we have just seem to shrink, and the leaves get all discolored.

Burning bush are dropping their leaves.
I have several bushes, we call them burning bushes, the top half of the bushes have dropped all their leaves. The bush look like they have been dusted with white face powder. they have been

A solution for the Tick problem!
In Aug of 2001, my husband and I decided to build a new house. The land we chose to build on had not been cleared fpr about 45 or 50 years. Needless to say --- ticks were thick. We'd go out and work...

Question about Holly bushes.
Dear Steve, I enjoy your newspaper column very much. I have a question concerning holly trees.

Planting seeds from Crepe Myrtle!
This is a reply to your e-mail to confirm my order. I hope to make many more. Im glad to become a member of Greenwood Nursery. I do have one thing to ask; can you plant seeds from a Crepemyrtle Plant? If so when is a good time and how do you...

Weeping Willows and Ice Storms!
Weeping Willow Trees - I live in Zone 5, Northeast Indiana, and in late May 2001 planted about eight 2 ft. Weeping Willow Trees. To date they have done very well reaching over 5 ½ feet each with branches that have a 3 to 4 foot span...

Rasberry plants. How do I Fertilize?
We read your The Plant Man every week in the Longville MN paper. I have a question for you regarding a garden that seems to need some fertilizer as has been used for several years.

Deer munching on plants.
This hint won't work for hundreds of trees and shrubs but if your readers are having trouble with deer munching on tens of trees and shrubs, we have finally found a totally deer-proof solution, at least...

Trees for West Texas
I am wanting to plant trees to buffet us from the high winds and soil erosion so prevalent in this area. I would really like to go with an Evergreen since the only thing that grows in this area seem to be cactus and mesquite.

Comment from reader to article on birding.
Instead of putting out lint from the drier for the birds, try putting small pieces of left over yard from your craft projects. Put these in one of the plastic berry boxes and tie to a branch of a tree there the birds can get to it.

Sloping bank eroding.

I love to Cook! What to do with Herbs.
I love to cook and bake. I'm forever cutting out receipes and testing them on my wife. Could you recommend a "starting herb" garden? You know; something like chives, sage, thyme, etc. Thank you very much. Jerry Welshoff

I would like to move a Japanese Red Maple about 5 feet tall.
How much dirt do I need to dig up with the tree and how deep do I need to dig.

Japanese Beetles
Wasps have always been a problem for us also.

Repelling Mosquitos
I can only relate to a hunting story I have from a few years back.

Wisteria Help
Hi - I have a small starter wisteria a friend gave me.

Why are my pine trees dying?
I am writing in regards to the epidenic concerning the pine trees in my area.

Baby Trees
I found two little Japanese maple trees (1") in my flower bed last spring.

English Dogwood
This year it had something very strange happen. For the first time it is covered with small fruit about an inch in diameter that looks like a cross between...

Wild, wild onions
I live in Arkansas and wild onions are a real problem.

in the SHADE?
Which of your flowering shrubs or large perennials would work well here in the SHADE?

What are the plants and shrubs avaliable for landscape near house that has a clay loam that holds moisture so much so that many plants roots rot?

Princeton Elms
I am wondering what the spread is of this magnificent tree with a height of 100 feet.

Hibiscus plant grown from seed
I had a large hibiscus purchased from a florist that sat in a west facing window. The non-stop blossoms were show-stoppers and I managed to harvest 3 seeds from the plant.

White Columnar Pine Trees
I wanted to know how much I should water pine trees (they are 3 yrs old) and wondering why the pine needles have turned a lighter green?

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