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in the SHADE?

We live in an alkaline soil pocket west of Oklahoma City. Our soil pH runs from 8-9 on our property, our soil is very sandy, and our summers are hot, dry but humid and often windy. Our winters are relatively mild (zone 7).

Which of your flowering shrubs or large perennials would work well here in the SHADE? Azaleas will not grow here, no matter how much I amend the soil, mulch, and water.

I enjoy your e-newsletters very much! Thank you. Robin Glenn


Hello Robin,

Adding aluminum sulfate will lower the pH level of your soil as well as mixing in organic matter will certainly help.

Many shade loving plants will grow there including: hostas, Carolina allspice, spicebush, sourwood, itea, hydrangeas, viburnums, red twig dogwood, red bud, white dogwood, burning bush (partial shade), ornamental grasses (partial shade), and daylilies. You might also consider nandina, junipers, yews, bamboo (non-invasive) and ivy.

Thank you for the note. I hope this list helps you somewhat. If you add organic matter (check your garden center for mushroom compost, Black Kow, and other organic matter) into your soil, it will help the texture as well as neutralizing the pH balance.

Best Regards,

Steve Jones

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