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Japanese Beetles


Can japanese beetles kill an otherwise healthy tree. I have a linden in my backyard (about 8 years old) that has been completly defoliated by the shiney green little bastards. It will have to grow a second full set of leaves. I hear that this is very hard on a tree. Dan Deagler

Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Hello Dan,

It may be hard on the tree but it won’t kill it. Just looks unsightly for a bit. If you can put up with that you should be fine. The season for them does not last that long. Here is one remedy that I’ve heard the other day from a nursery friend.

Take an empty gallon plastic milk carton; rinse it out, slice up some fresh peaches to layer the bottom of the jug. Then hang the jug in the tree. The Japanese beetles will go into the jug but for some reason cannot come out. You will have to check and discard the just probably weekly and have a new one ready until the season is over. If this works let me know and pass it on. Steve Jones

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