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Fig Tree Care

Hi Steve, We have a young fig tree that is doing very well with just giving it plenty of water. Our relatives in Italy have many trees and only give them water and they produce beautiful fruit.

Is there anything else you would suggest to feed them or just leave the tree alone?

The big question here is how to protect this tree before winter arrives? Years ago we wrapped up a fig tree and it died. I am assuming we used the wrong material or method. Could you please help us out and tell us how to save this wonderful tree that we enjoy so very much. It was a gift so we really don't know what to do with it. In the last few years we put it back in our garage but over this summer it grew to point that it is now to big to move indoors. We thank you for any advice you may have. Sincerely, Bernadette


Hello, The only suggestions that I can offer is to mulch in well at the ground level for winter. You may want to wrap the branches in burlap after leaf fall. This will not keep from freezing but may keep the buds from getting winter burn. Steve Jones

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