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Rose Canes

Hello, I read your suggestions for plant mold on the Greenwood Nursery internet site, and also the one about the large canes on the berry vines. My question is similar. Two of the Hybrid Tea roses I purchased did well the first two years, but they died from the cold the next and the rose they were grafted from came up in abundance. They are beautiful, dark red and long branching. They are producing a couple of long and very thick non-flowering stems. I have a small house and yards with seventeen other Hybrid Teas and Floribundas that are doing beautifully. I am keeping these two even though they reverted to the parent root but are puzzled as to what these large stems are. Can you give me any answers? Thank you, Karen Lamb



Only they may be primo canes that will flower the next year. You may want to nip them so they will branch and spread out a little more evenly.

Steve Jones

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