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Steve, I have a young dogwood tree that I believe got overspray of MSMA on it this spring when I treated my lawn. It got some dark spots on the lower leaves and a few of them eventually fell off. I thought that would be the end of it, but it seems to be getting worse as the summer progresses. The dark spots are appearing on higher leaves and my entire tree seems to be doing badly. I know it did not get reinfected, because I did not treat my lawn again. Could it be something else, and just coincidentally happened shortly after I treated my lawn? If so, what can I do? If not, will my tree be OK after the winter passes? Do you know of anything I can do to reverse the effects of this on my tree? Thanks,

Dwight ====================

Hello Dwight.

If the damage was caused by the lawn spray there is little you can do except wait it out. One thing comes to mind is to feed it a root stimulator in order to give it some help and maybe a plant food (not fertilize) that will give it a boost. Whatever damage was done is done and cannot be reversed. Steve

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