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Help! A few months ago I replaced some overgrown evergreens in my front shrub bed. I planted several helleri hollies along with dward youpon hollies. They were planted in March. I have watered them (although probably not enough) and they seemed to be growing and doing fine. Suddenly, almost overnight literally, in one week's time, five of them have died. They are turning brown and are just dead! They are side by side and on the front of the bed line with youpons behind them. I live in northwest Alabama and the plants are on the east side of the house. About 3-4 weeks ago I sprayed some roundup on some wild weeds. I know the results of roundup and was very, very careful not to get anywhere near the shrubs and it was not a windy day to blow the spray. I thought roundup would not effect anything you didn't spray it on and being that it was 3-4 weeks ago I don't think that is the problem. I also live in an area that has been infested with japanese beetles and they have been enjoying my crepe myrtles. I sprayed all of my plants including the helleri with malathion. And they are just dying overnight. I had helleri planted in these same beds previously but had them replaced with these new ones and never had any problems with them. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.



The spraying of the malathion should not have hurt the plants unless burning them by spraying in the heat of the day. Plants could have gone through a shock when planting. Not enough water to begin with. Remember at the nursery and garden center they are usually given everything they need including good amounts of water. Then planted and do not have enough time to ween themselves off the water they will go into shock and most likely die.

Steve Jones

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