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I need some help with my landscaping problems.

I need some help with my landscaping problems. I have a new home that is one year old. I have had a terrible time getting my shrubs in front of my house to live. I know the builder did not do the best quality job in the first place. Compacta hollies are what I am having trouble with. I have replaced over half of them. They die partially and have alot of brown dead areas. i dug out the hole larger than the ball of the shrub. I put in some moisture control soil and broke up the ball loosening the roots. I have tried to keep them watered.

Also, I am having trouble with mold and mushrooms in the mulch. Is there something I can put on it to stop this.

Japanes beetles are eating plants too. I have put a trap away from where I have seen them but someone said that was the wrong thing to do because it just attracts more of them. We plan to spray. How often should you spray for bugs and how often do you fertilize? There are so many things to keep up with. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Karen Spring Hill



The holly plants that are dying maybe form too much moisture. It sounds like you may have too much water especially if you are having problems with mushrooms growing in your mulch. As far as the jap beetles the only thing that you can do if to pick them off put in a bag or jar to remove form the area or do like I do and let them run their course. They don’t last long but come back each season.

Steve Jones

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