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Hello Steve ,

first time caller :) long time reader .I have a water delima.

I was trying to start a small scale hydro garden in one of my spare rooms . I purchased all of the start up equipment and with that came a Electrical Conductivity meter .

The PPM ( Parts Per Million ) of my water before i add any nutrients is 875 PPM .. ( WOW ) I have sent a sample of my water to a university for study.

Getting to the point , what should i be looking for as HARMFUL AGENTS to my outside gardens ???

I am very worried that some of my poor Growth Problems that i have tried to solve with Compost and Manure may have been a water salinity problem ?

Just throwing it out there .... Rich


Hi Rich,

Even though putting down compost and manure are good for your plants it may not be the only thing. We use regular city water in our greenhouses with no affect to the growth of the plants. It still may be an issue in your area and is wise to get an analysis. You may also try to work to improve the soil in which you grow your plants. Here is a link to some products that can help. http://www.greenwoodnursery.com/page.cfm/20717 Let me know if I can be of further help. Thanks for being a reader. Hope to see you as a customer soon.

Kind Regards Steve Jones, [email protected] 800-426-0958 Ext. 22

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