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Wild, wild onions

Hello, Steve.

I live in Arkansas and wild onions are a real problem. I have worked hard to get them under control, but still struggle with them. Any advise?

Thank you,




The thing that I have done in the past is to first find out why wild onions grow in areas I don’t want them to.

I have used different things like spurge and turflon ester to over spray the yard to get rid of them. But it is

A constant battle and have to use those products at least once every season. I believe the best way to combat

Nasty weeds are to have a healthier soil. We have started promoting organic products that originally were only

Available to large scale applications like gold courses. I am going to give you a link to go to that will

Give you a good read on these new products. If you still have questions please email me back.


Kind Regards Steve Jones,

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