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Question about soil samples

Dear Steve,

I was reading an article you published on landscaping.about.com entitled "Your fall landscape: Ten "do it now" garden tips" and one of the things you

suggested was to do a soil sample if you think you need to. I have had a few shrubs that have not done well in my yard, and I have thought in the past that a soil sample might clue me in as to what my yard is lacking for these particular shrubs. However, I never did it as I didn't know where to start, and could not find anyone else who knew. Luckily I ran across your article and you said that if anyone was curious as to where to start with this that they should feel free to contact you. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.

Sincerely, T. J.



We sell a small kit on our website but if you need something more extensive you should contact your local soil and water conservation district office. They usually have a service where by they will do it for a small fee.

Kind Regards Steve Jones, mailto:[email protected] 800-426-0958 Ext. 22

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