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Help! a sap sucker is attacking my Birch trees!

Steve help! a sap sucker is attacking my Birch trees. Any suggestions? Thanks, Sandy


Hi Sandra,

Here is something I found researching on the web.

Hope it helps.


To discourage sapsuckers from feeding on a favorite shade tree, wrap hardware cloth or burlap around the area being tapped or smear a sticky repellent material, such as bird tanglefoot, on the bark.

In commercial forests or orchards, leave favorite feeding trees of the sapsucker untreated. Birds will concentrate their feeding activities on these favorite trees, which often protects nearby trees from serious injury.

Sapsuckers in search of nesting sites are especially attracted to aspen (Populus tremuloides) infected with Fomes igniarius var. populinus, which decays the heartwood and enables the birds to excavate a nest hole. To protect a valuable timber stand eliminate such infected trees within the stand during a precommercial thinning; this may discourage sapsuckers from using the area.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Federal regulations promulgated under its authority prohibit shooting of sapsuckers. Shooting of this species would be an ineffective control anyway because transient birds tend to replace occasional losses to local sapsucker populations. ---------------------------------------------------------- MICHAEL E. OSTRY
Forestry Technician
Principal Plant Pathologist
North Central Forest Experiment Station
St. Paul, Minnesota
Produced in Cooperation With:
Wesley R. Jones
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Federal Building, Fort Snelling
Twin Cities, Minnesota 55111

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