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Gardening in the shade

Dear Mr. Plant Man, Your website is very interesting and informative. It’s a great site for an herb newcomer like me with a lot of questions.

My main question for you is this: which herbs can I plant in fully shaded areas? I’ve read other sites that recommend parsley or chives for fully shaded areas. Do you agree? If not, which herb would you recommend planting in shaded areas, if any?

Sincerely, Marla


Hello Marla,

I like to plant and play around with herbs, too. From experience, most herbs do like full sun, though some will also grow in a filtered shady area. My chives have always grown and done well in full sun (be sure to not let the heads go to seed and drop or you will have chives popping up all over the place). Even though thymes generally require sun, I have golden thyme under a wisteria covered arbor and sage has grown well there also.

Try the same herbs in sun and shade to see which ones will grow for your area. Herbs that are hard to control like mints, you should plant in containers or it will be growing everywhere.

Playing with plants is part of the fun and at the same time becomes a learning experience.


Cheryl Jones

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