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Falling Pear Leaves

I have two 3 1/2 month old Bradford Pears. They're part of new construction. About two weeks ago, the leaves started turning yellow and falling off. It's been consistent ever since. Prior to that, the leaves were always green. My wife watered the trees one evening and the next day they started turning yellow.

It's been downhill since. Any ideas? There was about a three week period where the trees didn't get very much water before my wife watered two weeks ago. Is it possible that the trees had not gotten enough water, or that we over watered? Thanks for your help.



Hi Kevin,

It is possible either way. Too much or too little water can cause this. If the trees were container or balled and bur lapped

As in the case of larger trees you may not have been getting enough water to the roots of the trees where they need it.

Bradford are pretty tough and as long as you can get water to the roots you should be fine. Even if the trees drop all their

Leaves they may put back out this next season.

Kind Regards Steve Jones,

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