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Wasp Immobilization and Control

Dear Greenwood Nursery / Steve Jones: Regarding the reader's need for removal of the hornet or wasp nest, would it be a good idea to use a CO2-type fire extinguisher, during the night when the Hymenoptera are not active? You could really "nuke" the nest and that might be a more eco-friendly solution, for those averse to using hazardous chemicals.

Many years ago I had a lot of wasps trapped between my bedroom windows, and I used jars and smoke bombs to kill them off. We've also used electric bug zappers to dispatch an infestation of yellow jackets, and the sugar water traps are also of some use.

I really enjoy the newsletter, and thank you for this opportunity to share some suggestions. Keep up the good work.

>From Brent, Fulton IL.

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