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How do I get rid of Deer Flies?

QUESTION: "I have three questions for you: 1. How can I get rid of "Yellow Flies" (Deer flies)? I am extremely allergic to their bite and cannot tend to my garden because they immediately attack.

2. Can Oleander bushes be trimmed back? and if so, will they still produce flowers?

3. I have another pest..."June" Bugs. They attacked all my rose bushes. I bought the "June Bug Bags", but they did not help much." - Norma Pagan

ANSWER: I am going to give you two links to sites that might help on the deer fly thing: http://www.pestproducts.com/deerfly.htm http://www.uky.edu/Agriculture/Entomology/entfacts/livestc/ef511.htm

The oleander plants can be trimmed back like azaleas right after they bloom. This way they will have a chance to produce new blooms for the next season.

As far as the June bugs, you might try an old remedy that I have used in the past: Sugar water! Put about a half cup of sugar into a gallon of water and make sure it is stirred or shaken until dissolved. (Unlike James Bond's Martini, it doesn't much matter how you get it mixed.) Then spray your plants with this mixture. It would seem to attract insects but once they eat the sugar their systems cannot digest sugar in this form so they die.

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