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Hello Steve

I have a nest of what I think are baldfaced hornets above my garage door (which is rarely used). The nest is about the size (and shape) of a football. What's the best way to get rid of this monstrosity without incurring too much bodily harm? I would really appreciate any advice as I know very little about this. Thanks! Dale


I have had a recent problem with the same critters. What we did was to spray the nest with A can of wasp killer. I mean we sprayed up into the hole until there wasn’t a sound or a wasp Coming out of the nest. Then and only then did we remove the nest.

They are nasty and from what I understand can sting repeatedly instead of dying when they Sting just one time. So please be careful and make sure they are dead before you try to remove.

Another way is to wait until after frost and into winter when they go dormant. Then take down the nest And put them in a brush pile to burn after you saturate with diesel or some other kind of flammable Liquid.


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