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I think it might be a worm??

Please help!!! I have no idea what I just found on my bush outside..day before yesterday the bush was fine, but I saw the almost 1 1/2 to 2 in. things hanging from it that looked sort of like a pine cone...I just thought it was something new growing on the tree/bush. This afternoon, I went out to water the plants, and the whole side of the bush is almost gone, turned brown. I looked at the things I thought were growing on it and saw that they moved!! I ran inside and got garden spray and they seemed to be worms trying to come out of them. This has really freaked me out. I want the bushes gone. I have always loved them cause they grow like a tree, they look a little like a pine but with flowing needles that are really soft. They are a light green in color..I do not know what kind of bush it is. Please tell me what those things are, and what will get rid of them until I can get someone to cut them down for me. I don't even want them in my yard now. That one looks ruined anyway.

Thank you for your time . Darleen


Hello Darlene,

It sounds like what you have are Bagworms. They are common to the plant you are describing the Arborvitae.

What is needed is to remove them, put them in a little bag, and then burn them. After you have done this you will

Need to spray your plants with malathion, (follow directions on the label). You should do this about once a month

During the growing season.

Hope this helps.

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