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Help my tree is drowning!

Dear Steve, We bought a forest pansy redbud tree on April 25. We planted it in our front yard where we could enjoy it and where also others could see and enjoy it. It was looking beautiful until last weekend, after a large amount of rainfall. Leaves started to wilt, so I called the nursery where we bought it from and they told me to poke some holes with a rod around the tree and after it dried up somewhat, to apply a root stimulator. Well, it is still pretty soggy when I stick the rod in the soil, so I have not yet applied the root stimulator. The tree is looking worse and worse. The leaves are now all turning brown and wilty. This is a special tree. My husband and I bought it as Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts combined, since it was a little pricey. Now I wonder whether it will even make it till Father's Day. If you can help me at all, I would certainly appreciate it. By the way, when we planted it, we followed all the directions, digging the hole three times the width of the rootball, adding enriched soil and not planting too deeply. I will anxiously be waiting for your reply. Thank you. Cindy Greenwell



Doing all the things you did were right. If it is placed in an area where rainfall accumulates

That is probably the error. Unless you can divert the water away from this section nothing else you do

Will help. If the ground that the tree was placed in does not perk well (drain) no matter what you do will

Resolve it. One thing though is you can elevate the tree about three foot by creating a berm for it to sit on.

Hope this has given a little help.

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