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Here is an archive of "The Plant Man" columns, written by LandSteward's Steve Jones, published weekly in more than 78 newspapers across America.

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Protect plants from winter’s cold and frost
At this time of year, as evenings become a little more chilly, we can keep out the cold by pulling on a sweater or snuggling into a warm jacket as we brave the night air.

Rooftop patio needs vines for privacy and beauty
We live in San Francisco on the roof top of a 10 story condo building. Our unit features a 16’x30’ paved patio, which flanks our neighbor’s patio, separated by a steel ‘privacy’ fence with holes.

Roses are top of mind as St. Valentine approaches
Roses are red Violets are blue, Better buy some for Sweetie Saint Valentine’s due.

Spectacular shrubs can dazzle with fall color
When it comes to fall color, it’s not only trees that put on a dazzling show. Select the right shrubs and you can have a display of autumn colors closer to ground level.

The November garden: some timely tips from readers
The days are getting shorter, the clocks have been turned and spring is not far away. At least that’s the way it is for all of us optimistic landscapers and gardeners. We just have to get through winter first!

These roses are easy to grow and very low maintenance
Is this the year to add that rose garden to your landscape? Or would you like to see a colorful rose hedge softening the appearance of a backyard fence or bordering a driveway?

Welcome spring with winter garden fix-ups
At this time of year, with the Holidays a fading memory, optimistic gardeners are already beginning to emerge from their winter hibernation and look forward to the spring that is just around the corner.

Wreaths, trees and poinsettias bring the Holiday season indoors
The Holidays are very nearly upon us and this seems like the perfect time to round up some last-minute seasonal suggestions, tips and ideas for garden gurus and landscape lovers, including a create-it-yourself wreath.

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