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Here is an archive of "The Plant Man" columns, written by LandSteward's Steve Jones, published weekly in more than 78 newspapers across America.

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Allergic to pollen? Some plant ideas to ease your misery!
"Bless you!" If you've been hearing that a lot from your family and co-workers recently, maybe you're one of the millions who begin to suffer from allergies around this time every year.

May yard chores: think "floral therapy" instead!
At last! We can be thinking "May" and all the pleasant images that word creates in our minds...instead of dealing with thoughts of February freeze-ups, March gales and an unpredictable April! Yes, May is a favorite month for gardeners, lands...

Cicadas and Ivy: can they damage your landscape?
Plants that some folks call weeds, and insects that are sometimes called "locusts." Working on your landscape and garden can get pretty darn confusing! Later in this column, I'll address a concern that Ivy and Wisteria are no more than...

Replacing shrubs needs the right tool
Sometimes those shrubs around the house - the ones that had so much "curb appeal" two decades ago - just don't seem quite as appealing any more.

Soil preparation: the key to healthy tree planting
"April showers bring May flowers." Now there's a well-know saying that's hard to refute.

Wisteria outlasts Ivy under the summer sun
"I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree." The poet Joyce Kilmer wrote those words in 1914, and I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing it must have been about...

Herbs are good for more than just cooking
Herbs not only stimulate your taste buds when added to your cooking, they can also enhance your quality of life in many other ways! In this, the final part of a three-part look at herbs in your landscape, I'll focus on the beneficial...

Your fresh grown herbs add zest to your cooking!
Are you using fresh herbs in your kitchen? If not, you should! And today I will show you how simple and economical it is to grow your own herbs and add them in mere seconds to any dish you're preparing. I'll even include a couple of fresh...

Herb gardening can be simple and rewarding
Where would we be without herbs? It's not a very appetizing thought. Our food would taste blander, our world would smell less pleasant and we would all be a lot less healthy. For my wife Cheryl and me, herbs play an important part...

Bird bedding, herb gardens and groundcover
I love e-mail. Even with all the spam and the worries about viruses, it's still a modern marvel. For instance, almost as soon as this column is published, I start receiving e-mail from readers commenting on what I've written or offering...

Grafting adds new variety to your trees
I received several interesting e-mails this week from readers who had questions about pruning trees and grafting fruit trees. Of those two activities, pruning is certainly the easier. You might recall that not long ago...

Planting berries attracts birds to your garden
"Better Birds and Gardens?" Maybe that would be a good title for a magazine and it appears that it would be very popular judging by the e-mail I received regarding two columns I wrote about making birds feel welcome in your landscape.

Japanese Beetles can devestate your greenscape
Many Japanese imports - from cars and trucks to electronics and video games - have helped to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. But there's one import that gardeners and landscapers wish had stayed at home: The Japanese Beetle.

Smart planting can halt river bank erosion
As any professional landscaper will tell you, WHAT you choose to plant should depend upon what you plant it IN. In other words, the soil, the moisture (or lack of it), the exposure to sunlight, the degree of shade... these and other factors...

How's your soil? Here's how to find out!
As you make your plans for spring planting, don't overlook a very important element: the soil. The quality of your soil can determine whether your shrubs and trees will be healthy and robust or sickly and weak. In last week's column, I...

Planting trees this spring? These pre-plant tips will help!
We must be well into the new year because I've finally stopped writing the wrong year on my checks. It's about this time every year that both professional landscapers and home gardeners start thinking seriously about spring planting.

Invite flying guests to your "bird motel!"
I hope your landscape is a winter haven for birds right now! Gardens in places as diverse as the frozen north and the balmy south can come alive with a variety of birds that provide color and movement at a time when everything else is...

Make your garden "bird friendly" this winter
Birds and gardens. They just seem to belong together. A landscape without birds would be a sad place indeed. In fact, we take the presence of birds in our lives so much for granted that we hardly even notice them for the most part. They're...

Hey kid! Where are my baby trees?!
It seems impossible, but here we are, about to start a brand new year! Spring planting is just around the corner, even if it feels like the middle of a bleak midwinter when you read these words. As you begin to put the Holidays behind you,...

She catches tree thieves in the act!
This is one crime that you think will never happen to you. Yes, you can imagine being a victim of car theft or finding your home has been burglarized. However, you probably don't consider the possibility of ... tree theft!

Five "must do" tips for winter landscapers
Once again, it's that special time of year between Thanksgiving and the New Year. The days are shorter and there seems to be more to pack into each of them. With so many demands on our attention, it's easy to forget about our landscape at...

"Burn off" weed seeds and pests with solar power
"What exactly is solarizing?" That was a question that was sent to me recently by a reader of this column. Because the subject is somewhat unusual and the results are very effective, I thought I would share the answer with you today...

Pruning: a kindly cut for your trees
Pruning trees is a subject that crops up quite frequently in e-mail that I receive from readers of this column. Many people feel uneasy about cutting limbs from their trees, even though they understand in principle that...

Hide eyesore foundations with eye-pleasing plants!
Does this sound familiar? You find a home that seems ideal for you and your family. Great location. Attractive design. Nice sized lot. In fact it would be perfect if it were not for just one little thing that seems to attract your eye like...

Fall planting: should you fertilize now?
The crisp weather... the golden leaves swirling in sudden gusts of chill breezes. Yes: fall is definitely here, and for landscapers and gardeners, this is that special time when we devote our outdoor time to planting... with visions of...

Attractive groundcover can repel deer, too!
Groundcover: Can it really be practical as well as attractive? In a previous column, I discussed the pros and cons of adding groundcover around your trees. In fact, I asked you to imagine yourself as a tree and think how you'd feel about...

Groundcover: good or bad for your trees?
One of the subjects I get asked about quite frequently is groundcover. More specifically, many people want to know the pros and cons of planting ground cover around trees. One of the main reasons that you might consider planting...

Storm-damaged trees and shrubs need special care
As you know, it's quite common for me to praise the beauty of Nature. But there is another side we tend to ignore until it lands, quite literally, in our own back yard.

Red-hot Fall colors you can plant now
Fall colors. Depending on where you live and when you get to read this column, you should be anticipating the arrival of one of Nature's most spectacular times of the year: the turning of the leaves from green to yellow, gold, pink and deep...

Fall weather is perfect for planting! 09-21-03
Crisp, cool mornings. Perfect "sleeping weather"at night. Plant catalogs and landscaping "how to" books piling up on the coffee table. It must be Fall! Fall is my favorite time of the year for so many reasons, not just the wonderful weather.

Birds, bats and butterflies: How to make them welcome!
Lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)... It's my guess that you'd agree with Dorothy on this one. There are some critters you just don't want to invite into your landscape. Lions, tigers and bears are probably right at the top of your...

Planning and Planting for Fall
The calendar says that the first day of Fall is September 23. But when it comes to Fall planting, the season feels as if it begins in those end-of-summer days immediately following Labor Day! No, you might not be planting just yet, but you...

Fall planting: Four hot tips to help you plan 08-31-03
Yeehah! It's fall planting season! Or at least it's fall BUYING season; the time when you buy the plants for fall planting. This is always an exciting time... choosing the plants and shrubs that will give you so much pleasure next season...

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