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I love to Cook! What to do with Herbs.

Question: I love to cook and bake. I'm forever cutting out receipes and testing them on my wife.

Could you recommend a "starting herb" garden? You know; something like chives, sage, thyme, etc.

Thank you very much.

Jerry Welshoff

Answer: Hello jerry

Sorry to take so long to return your email. It is the busy time of the year and I wanted to take the right amount of time to tell you the right things.

Chives are excellent to have on hand. Just snip some into a salad, on potatoes or in eggs for a little extra flavor. Rosemary, Thyme and Sage give punch to dishes with lamb, beef, poultry, and pork. When cooking with fresh herbs, add later in the cooking cycle. You want to be able to taste the flavors.

These four are a great start to growing and cooking with herbs. Steep some dried sage, lemon and honey for a great hot tea.

The only thing to be successful in growing most all herbs is to place in well drained soil. They do not have to be laid out in a formal garden but can be placed in your landscape or in pots.

Good luck and if you have any more questions please write back. Here is a link to our herb garden. http://www.greenwoodnursery.com/page.cfm/13153

The Herb Garden
You don’t need a garden to grow herbs. Add these perennial herbs to your landscape and enjoy their beauty, fragrance, and culinary benefits year around. Browse our selections and read our related articles below the sale items.

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