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Erosion Problem


Thank you for such a lovely resource, and for such attentive customer service. I have been well pleased by the products I have purchased from you. I am writing now for a suggestion from you as to how to best control an erosion problem. I live in New York, on the border of zones 5 and 6, in a rural, heavily wooded, deer populated area. I have a very long, very steep, built up driveway, that cuts in through dense, and therefore shady woods. Because the driveway was built up with fill we brought in, the sides of the driveway are quite steep. The rain loves to run down my driveway, and has several places where it runs over the sides, creating deep gullies of erosion. I am looking to plant something to anchor this soil. The area I need to cover is about 500 feet in length. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Judith Smith



Since it is a shaded area most all of the ground cover will work. You may try ajuga, pachysandra, or the English ivy. You will have to get the gullies out before planting to give a level pallet to work from. Judith you will probably need to plant about mid April. Also you need to stop the water at the top of the hill until you get these plants established. I would suggest some straw bales or something like that. Once established you can remove.

Kind Regards

Steve Jones,

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